Can I Recite Surah Mulk Full Lying in Bed?

Introduction to Surah Mulk

ٱلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ, May Allah’s peace, mercy, and blessings be on you. Welcome to Surah Mulk. Alhamdulillah, we are still going on with Surat Mulk, the 67th chapter of the Quran.

Can I recite Surah Mulk while lying in bed?

So, the question is that a lot of brothers and sisters ask me, “Can I Recite Surah Mulk Laying in Bed?” What a wonderful question, and I think that first, let’s identify “etiquette” and “emotion.” Would we put them on one side. I understand that emotions need to be controlled and etiquette needs to be learned. But as opposed to me telling you, what the etiquette of the Quran is? I would like you to see it as veneration. Can I ask what’s allowed and what’s not allowed? or could, I ask how I can express my love for the Quran. So, that’s a great question. So, there are lot of question that are similar to this: “Can I put the Quran in my school bag?” or “Can I read Quran in my phone?” and many more. But, before we get there, would you then say, I choose to venerate the Quran, and then you do it the way that makes you feel loving towards the Quran.

Can I Recite Surah Mulk Full Lying in Bed

But, when it comes to the recitation of the Quran, the remembrance of the book of Allah Almighty, our parents could choose to put the Quran in a box on the highest shelf. For some reason, the Quran box had a lock. I never understood that as a form of veneration, but as soon as that becomes a deterrent from the actual purpose,. Reciting the Quran shows that veneration and etiquette are affecting the bottom line. So, when it comes to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ saying recitation of Surah Mulk before sleeping, you are in either one of three states: “standing,” “sitting” or “laying.”.

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You are remembering Allah Almighty, and you are reading from memory, right, my brothers and sisters? If I were laying down, I wouldn’t personally feel comfortable without doing that. It’s not in the etiquette I’d feel like; I’m not showing love, but I’m laying in a position, being aware not to pass wind pick my nose, to just lay freely in the bed rather to put myself in a position, and, I begin the recitation of Allah (SWT) in a etiquette, I’m absolutely encouraging you, because look at the bottom line, say you didn’t consider the likelihood of you sitting up in perfect, perfect postures, facing the Qibla. Where having everything put together to recite the Quran is going to become a deterrent, and guess who wins, Shaytaan is just sitting well, I didn’t have to do too much, I just told her to love the Quran.

Can I Recite Surah Mulk Full Lying in Bed

Last Words

So, at the end, the simple answer of this question is, “Yes, you can read Surah Mulk while lying in bed.” Did you know that cuddling up with the Quran is totally okay? While sitting upright is recommended for focus, Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) himself would recite Quran lying down in the lap of his wife Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her). This tells us that the most important thing is your heart’s intention. As long as you approach the Quran with respect and a desire to connect with Allah, any comfortable position works!