Learn What to Ask Allah Almighty | Surah Mulk

ٱلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ, May Allah’s peace, mercy, and blessings be on you. Welcome to surahalmulk.net. Alhamdulillah, we are still going on with Surat Mulk, the 67th and most beloved chapter of the Quran.

Learn what to ask Allah Almighty.

So, you make dua after 5 prayers or at any time of the day or night. So, can you think that the dua that you are asking to Allah Almighty, is way right or are you just asking what you want and that’s over? I’m going to give you an analogy to help you understand what I’m trying to convey. I haven’t made my point yet; somebody was out at sea and their ship hit a rock and the ship sank and this guy is holding on to a piece of wood, and he’s Alvin Sea, and he is making dua to Allah Almighty. Now, at that point, you can make 2 Dua’s:

Learn What to Ask Allah Almighty | Surah Mulk

1: “Ya Allah, transpose me from here to an island immediately, make the rain stop, make the storm stop.”

2: “Ya Allah, give me the strength to overcome this difficulty.”

Now, when he makes dua, “Ya Allah, send me a helicopter right away, pick me up into the sky and get me to an Island.” he makes the dua all over and over; a helicopter, helicopter, helicopter and no helicopter came, and then he says, Allah (SWT) didn’t even send a hope. In other words, he is making dua for example: he wants to the rate that does the ocean to turn into land: “Ya Allah, you have the power to change into anything.” You made all of this, so you could just convert this ocean into land right now! So, you mean, you turned it Ibrahim (AS) fire and made it cool. So, you can do that for me, and it doesn’t turn; it’s still the ocean, and you are still drowsing slowly. You know the point that, I’m trying to make is oftentimes.

We think the purpose of dua is to change the real around us, we focus on changing the reality around us, but if you study the doors in the Quran, and the majority of the doors in the sun not carefully, you’ll notice that the change actually, you’re asking for is a change in yourself. Ya Allah, I’m in a difficult test give me the ability to change the test. I’ll give you a simple example, some student is about to go take an exam, you can make two kinds of dua’s,

1: “Ya Allah, give me the ability to understand the subject matter, let me concentrate, you know Allah give me the ability to not be nervous, while I’m taking the test, let me not get lazy, you make dua’s for yourself.”

2: “Ya Allah, make this, I know it’s a medical exam, but you’re converted, converted into a second grade math exam for me, So, I don’t have to have this problem.”

Either you want to change reality or you want to empower yourself for most for people that are weak in their faith, they don’t think about empowering or changing themselves, they just want to change what reality around them and to keep asking Allah to change the reality around them and does it change, “NO”, When it doesn’t change they blame Allah Almighty, they turned to Alliance and how come you didn’t change the world around me, how come you didn’t turn everything, you know on a silver platter for me, you want a reality to submit to you. You have to learn first, to submit to Allah and you don’t come to Allah, when you need something, you don’t just come to a lot, when there’s a problem, you come to Allah all the time, you’re submissive before Allah constantly until that attitude is developed and by the ay there will be a time, when reality will submit around us and that time is actually, when we meet with Allah. “Oh my gosh, how we’re going to have whatever they want the problem is we.” Whatever we want right now Allah Almighty says,

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“I’ll give that right now, you’re going to experience some times of good and other times of test and, the only reason, he gives you a test, the only reason he gives you a test, because he wants you to pass, so you can qualify for that general, he wants you to go through these trials, because they will bring you closer to me. So, at the end, take care of yourself and may Allah’s peace mercy blessing be on you. ٱلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ.