The Concept Of Ar-Rahman in Surah Mulk (Part 3)

Many of us do not openly declare or practice our Muslim faith, due to fair of judgement or mistreatment from society. Specially in countries where Islam is not a mainstream religion. By keeping our faith a secret, we may feel that we are not devout Muslims and that Allah Almighty will not be pleased with us.

Concept Of Ar-Rahman in Surah Mulk

Concept Of Ar-Rahman in Surah Mulk

However, Allah Almighty is aware of our human nature, and that is why the message of the Quran is relevant for all times. In Ayah No. 12 and 13 of Surah Mulk, Allah Almighty addresses this concern and assures the believers that whether they keep their faith in him a secret or declare it publicly, as long as they fear him, have “Taqwa” (God Consciousness), and believe in him, they will be rewarded. This the Rahma (Mercy) of Allah Almighty, who recognizes our concerns and continuously shows us forgiveness, mercy, consideration and love. Let, us reflect on how Ar-Rahman has taken into consideration every aspect of our lives to guide, protect and nurture us, only to show us that he truly loves us.

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Let us remember that Allah Almighty does not care what others think of us. What matters to him is our strong relationship with him and the connection established in our hearts. Let us hold on to that connection and make efforts to continue coming closer to him. Aameen.