What is the Purpose of our Existence?

Surah Mulk is the most beautiful and easy-to-memorize chapter in the Quran. A person who recites the verses every night before going to sleep will be protected from the punishment of the grave and also make Dunya and Akhirah.

Purpose of our Existence

“The Purpose of our Existence”

Allah Almighty mentions in verse No. 2 of Surah Mulk, that the purpose of our existence is only for him to test us. The word “لِيَبْلُوَكُمْ” means that:

‘He may test you’

Allah’s (SWT) infinite mercy does not allow us to be graded against mankind, as the spiritual ranks and good deeds of others may vastly exceed our own. The test is therefore against our own “self.” Allah Almighty, in his infinite mercy, takes into consideration man’s weakness.

“Doesn’t burden any human being with more than he can bear.”

This is clearly stated in ayah No. 286 of Surah Baqarah. Therefore, everyone’s test or examination in their wordly existence is different, as Allah has built us differently from each other in all capacities. We are told that Allah Almighty will be more lenient in his reckoning as each generation goes by, and the ‘Fitnahs‘ become harder and more severe, and people become more and more distracted from their true purpose. We are given the example of the “Ashaab Ul-Yameen” in Surah Waqiah (56:40). those who will be granted Jannah. Allah Almighty says about them that,

“There will be; many from the later generations”

Our grades in our tests on the earth will be based on excellence in our deeds. The world “Amalaa” means deed, but it has a deeper meaning as well. It is based upon levels of priority. For example, when it comes to fasting in Ramadan versus voluntary fasting, we must prioritise the former over the latter, as Allah doesn’t want to overburden us. The same with bad deeds. If we engage in bad habits but try to make an effort, not to commit major sins and become mindful of them, while sometimes committing minor sins, this is the very efforts Allah Almighty wants to see us making and we will be richly rewarded. The word “Ahsanoo” means improvement, Allah (SWT) does not expect perfection from us. That is an attribute only for him. He only wants to see us strive for excellence and put in our best efforts.

It is clearly not about, who is best but fact, who is better in the will to perform good deeds. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) links the concept of “Ahsanoo” to the most revered group of people, the sualeheen, whom he sends his own salaams to in the ritual prayer. A Saleh is the person who constantly strives in his or her lifetime, to become a better version of himself in the light of the guidance set out for him by Allah (SWT) and his Rasool (SAW). Allah Almighty ends this ayat with his name: “Ghafoor” (The Al-Forgiving) as, he wants to tell us that it is human nature to make mistakes and he will forgive us.

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We only needs to make an effort to come towards him. Let us make a sincere intention to become the best version of ourselves. Let us accept the fact that we are human and bound to make mistakes. Let us strive to do good and avoid the bad within our means and capacity. Let us make a steady commitment to do little by little quality over quality! Aameen.

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