The Concept Of Ar-Rahman in Surah Mulk (Part 4)

In Ayah No. 15 of Surah Mulk, Allah Almighty deliberately uses the word “Zalool” (Subservient) in reference to the earth, indicating that this was not its true nature and that Allah Almighty had to make it this way for our well-being.

Concept Of Ar-Rahman in Surah Mulk

Concept Of Ar-Rahman in Surah al Mulk

When Allah Almighty refers to previous nations that disbelieved, He gives examples of earthquakes (Ayat No. 16) and tornadoes (Ayat No. 17) to show how these natural disasters were sent by him to obliterate those nations completely. This tells us about the violent nature of the earth, and we should never forget that it is only under Allah’s (SWT) control to make sure that it remains subservient to us. Allah Almighty is trying to tell us that we should not misuse or abuse the natural resources that he provides for us from the earth.

However, such is the nature of man – we plunder, loot, and abuse as much as we want, and this insatiable desire never ends. We have polluted our cities and oceans, leading to the most enormous climatic changes ever recorded in the history of our existence. We have made our food toxic innovations like pesticides, preservatives, and the ingenious “Microwave Oven,” which has led to cancer becoming one of the main terminal diseases, we face despite the advancement of many medical breakthroughs. We continue to destroy our forests for the sake of urban development, forgetting that this leads to a multitude of problems for future generations.

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Climate change, soil erosion, reduced crop yields, flooding, increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and harm to indigenous people are just some of the consequences that our children and their children will face. Allah Almighty warns us in Ayat No. 16, that he can cause the earth to shake violently, as indicated by the word “Tamoor”. Yet we fail to learn from this and only turn to him in times of natural disasters such as, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Forest Fires, Tornadoes, and extreme weather conditions. As we seek sustenance from the earth, let us humble ourselves, surrender our egos to Allah Almighty, and express gratitude for all that he provides for us. Aameen!

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