The Concept of Ar-Rahman in Surah Mulk (Part 2)

The third ayah of Surah Mulk refers to Allah Almighty as “Ar-Rahman” as he discusses the seven tires of the heaven. Allah Almighty tells us that creation or “Khaliq“, which encompasses all he has made is flawless.

Concept of Ar-Rahman in Surah Mulk

Allah Almighty is attempting to teach us to dig deeply within ourselves, via introspection since we have removed his rahma from our lives and as a result, we do not frequently see the good in everything. We are prone to fit of doom and gloom, especially when things don’t go as planned and we place the responsibility for our shortcomings in life on other people and Allah Almighty rather than looking inward. Allah Almighty mentions this behavior in Surah Al-Ankabut chapter No. 29 verse 10:

Concept of Ar-Rahman in Surah Mulk

“There are some who say, We believe in Allah Almighty”

But when they suffer in the cause of Allah Almighty, they mistake this persecution at the hands of people for the punishment of Allah Almighty. But when victory comes from your lord, they surely say (to the believers), “We have always been with you.”

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Does Allah Almighty not know what is in the hearts of all beings? Allah Almighty tells us again and again to look up to the sky. In ayah No. 3 and 4, Allah Almighty mentions “Farjee il Basara” (look once again) and “Sumar jeeil Basara” (Then look still another time), as if we were not looking properly. Reference to the sky and looking at it several times only to find that there are no faults in its creation, Allah’s (SWT) way of reminding us to keep revisiting our reality and to look again and again at what we need to be grateful for, for every single “Neymat” (Blessing). This exercise will change our perception of reality and we will find the Ar-Rahman in all thing. Perhaps we will attain to the station of practicing gratitude in every breath. Who may of us know and love this verse of the Quran in Surah Rahman (55:13):

فَبِأَىِّءَالَآءِرَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ

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