The Concept of Ar-Rahman in Surah Mulk (Part 1)

A profound ayah on the Rahma of Allah Almighty is found in Surah Az-Zumar, Ayat 53, in which it is stated;

“O my servants who have transgressed against their souls! Despair not the mercy of Allah Almighty: for Allah Almighty forgives all sins: He is oft-Forgiving, most merciful.”

Concept of Ar-Rahman in Surah Mulk

Concept of Ar-Rahman in Surah Mulk

Concept of Ar-Rahman in Surah Mulk uses his names, “Lateef” (The subtle yet gentle one), ‘Tabarak‘ (Excess in Godness), ‘Ghafoor‘ (The All-Forgiving) and many others to show that even though this Surah, talks mostly about what may happen to the wrongdoers in the afterlife. His Rahma (Mercy) overpower his wrath. Even in ayah No.20, when Allah Almighty addresses the army of the disbelievers, he deliberately addresses them with his name, “Ar-Rahman” (The All Merciful) and not with “Al Aziz” (The Almighty and Strong). He addresses them gently in order to tell them to lay down their “Ghuroor” (Anger/ Delusion/ Pride), and to remind them to trust and hope in him alone and as he continues to guide mankind to its salvation.

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This gentleness is reiterated in ayah No. 29 as well. Let us try to come closer to him by adopting one of his most beautiful names:


How can we possibly expect Allah Almighty to be merciful to us, when we cannot show mercy to others, especially to those who have wronged us?

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