Tafseer of Surah Mulk Full (verse 11–13)


Surah Mulk (verses 11–13): ٱلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ, May Allah’s peace and mercy blessings be on you. Alhamdulillah, we are still going with Surah Mulk, chapter 67th in the Quran. Inshallah, we will start with a new verse, 11–13. So, let’s go in-depth and explore the benefits of Surah Al-Muk.

Tafseer of Surah Mulk (verse 11–13)

In verse 11, where Allah Almighty says,

فَٱعْتَرَفُوا۟ بِذَنۢبِهِمْ فَسُحْقًۭا لِّأَصْحَـٰبِ ٱلسَّعِيرِ

which means, “And they will admit their sin, so [it is] alienation for the companions of the Blaze.” And if you remember in the last verse (8-10), where Allah Almighty said about these people, they admitted this is (وَقَالُوا۟ لَوْ كُنَّا نَسْمَعُ أَوْ نَعْقِلُ مَا كُنَّا), they said that we wish that, we listened or we reasoned or we thought, but it’s too late. So Allah Almighty is saying, (فَٱعْتَرَفُوا۟ بِذَنۢبِهِمْ), now they admitted of their sin of not listening, not reasoning, not thinking, not seeing the truth, not listening to the truth and they were completely heedless people; they denied Islam; they didn’t like Prophet Muhammad; they denied Allah (SWT) and his signs and everything; they denied completely everything, what happened Allah says, (فَٱعْتَرَفُوا۟ بِذَنۢبِهِمْ) now they are admitted their sin, (فَسُحْقًۭا لِّأَصْحَـٰبِ ٱلسَّعِيرِ), oh to them the companion of the blaze the companion of the hellfire the companion of the fire.

Tafseer of Surah Mulk

So, we didn’t want to be like them. You know, it’s so horrible that you see the signs of Allah Almighty in front of you, You know what’s right and what’s wrong You know that people are humble, they are nice and they are away from any trouble; they are away from all the sins, they are away from any kind of problem, but you don’t want to listen to them, you don’t want to be with them and above that, you want to hurt them, you want to bother them, and you want to stop them for what they are doing. So that’s why Allah Almighty says,

فَسُحْقًۭا لِّأَصْحَـٰبِ ٱلسَّعِيرِ

Which means “Oh to them, the companion of the blades and the hellfire,” and then Allah Almighty talking about the good peoples in up coming verse, where Allah Almighty says,

إِنَّ ٱلَّذِينَ يَخْشَوْنَ رَبَّهُم بِٱلْغَيْبِ لَهُم مَّغْفِرَةٌۭ وَأَجْرٌۭ كَبِيرٌۭ

This means, “Indeed, those who fear their lord unseen will have forgiveness and grave rewards.” So, what is the meaning of this ayah (إِنَّ ٱلَّذِينَ يَخْشَوْنَ رَبَّهُم), those who fear Allah Almighty, those who are keeping in their mind that Allah watching them all the time, I will not do this, because Allah is watching me, I will not do this, because I love Allah Almighty and Allah told me not to do this and that act, I will not do anything haram anything unlawful activity, or any unlawful thing that will make Allah Almighty displeased. It will make Allah Almighty displease from me; I don’t want to do that. Always they are thinking about Allah Almighty and the word (بِٱلْغَيْبِ) the translation says, “Unseen,” but here some of the other Ulma says that (إِنَّ ٱلَّذِينَ يَخْشَوْنَ رَبَّهُم بِٱلْغَيْبِ) those fear Allah Almighty when no one is watching them and this is the time, when you will know how attached you are Allah Almighty.

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A friend of people, yes, you can pretend that you are so nice; you are so humble; you are praying, you are reading the Quran; you are doing a lot of things, but once you are alone, what are you doing? If you are sitting in a place where there’s no one and the TV is in front of you and the remote is in your hand, are you really going to watch the channels? That will displease Allah Almighty. And you sitting in a computer, and no one is watching you; no one is there Are you really going and tying things? That will take you somewhere in a haram place, a haram website, or somewhere that you know, which will displease Allah Almighty.

So, those who have the fear of Allah Almighty, What will happen to them? (لَهُم مَّغْفِرَةٌۭ وَأَجْرٌۭ كَبِيرٌۭ) Allah Almighty will forgive them, and Allah will reward them in a big manner. Now, Allah Almighty is talking to us in Ayah No. 13. Where Allah Almighty says,

وَأَسِرُّوا۟ قَوْلَكُمْ أَوِ ٱجْهَرُوا۟ بِهِ إِنَّهُۥعَلِيمٌۢ بِذَاتِ ٱلصُّدُورِ

Tafseer of Surah Mulk

Which means, “And conceal your speech or publicize it; indeed, He is knowing of that within the breasts.” And this is exactly what I told you in verse 12. It doesn’t matter how well you are trying to pretend in front of people or how good you are doing in front of them. Allah knows what’s inside; that’s why you have to link yourself with the previous ayah and the previous verse. Allah Almighty says,

إِنَّ ٱلَّذِينَ يَخْشَوْنَ رَبَّهُم بِٱلْغَيْبِ لَهُم مَّغْفِرَةٌۭ وَأَجْرٌۭ كَبِيرٌۭ

Those who fear Allah Almighty when they are alone also fear Allah with unseen things, those things are unseen. They are linked with Allah, and under all conditions, they will get a huge reward. Inshallah. Now Allah Almighty, in verse No. 13, says,

وَأَسِرُّوا۟ قَوْلَكُمْ أَوِ ٱجْهَرُوا۟ بِهِ إِنَّهُۥ عَلِيمٌۢ بِذَاتِ ٱلصُّدُورِ

Now, It doesn’t matter if you conceal your speech or publicize your speech; It doesn’t matter, Allah Almighty knows everything. Allah Almighty he is [عَلِيمٌۢ] He knows everything; he is the all-knowing and [عَلِيمٌۢ] One of the names and attributes [بِذَاتِ ٱلصُّدُورِ] is that he knows what’s inside the chest of the people, and we just have to think about it. You have to be honest from the inside; you cannot fool the whole world, but you cannot fool Allah (SWT). In fact, if you think like that, you are fooling yourself and no one else. So, if you’re doing good deeds, do it because of Allah (SWT), you are honest within yourself, and you are doing something or you’re doing everything for the sake of Allah Almighty.

Either it’s your good actions, either it’s your prayers, it’s your charity, dawah work, social work, your humanitarian work, whatever that you are doing within the country or out of the country within the society, it should be with us. It should be with sincerity in your hearts, because Allah Almighty says, [إِنَّهُۥ عَلِيمٌۢ بِذَاتِ ٱلصُّدُورِ] he is the one who knows what’s inside you, right. Subhanallah.

Tafseer of Surah Mulk

Then why do we have to have the double standard of a friend? I’m so nice; I’m so humble; I’m helping everyone; I’m saying good words; I’m saying good things; and once, I’m alone, or once, I’m at some other place, or maybe at your home. You are the most horrible person with your wife, you are the most horrible person with your spouse, and you are the most horrible person with your kids, family members or your relatives. You cannot do what Allah Almighty wants from you. Be yourself and clean yourself, so once you are cleaning yourself within yourself with Allah Almighty, you have to show this clean and pure heart to other people, and your heart will be accepted by Allah Almighty, as he said in another chapter of the Quran.

“On the day of judgment, Allah (SWT) will accept the one, only who will come with the pure good heart.”


That’s it. You don’t have to work, and you don’t have to show people what you are doing. Just do it for the sake of Allah Almighty, and you will be successful. You will be someone who benefits others. Your society, your community, and your country will benefit from you. If you have sincerity in your heart, and sincerity is what your heart is attached to Allah (SWT), and you do every single act in your life, only and only for the sake of Allah Almighty, Subhanahu Wa’ta’ala! So, I ask Allah Almighty to make us, you, and all of us among those who are pure with hearts and have sincere interactions every time. Amin ٱلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ.