The Concept of Sudoor and Quloob in Surah Mulk

Surah Tabarak’s Ayah No. 13 has many layered meanings. Allah Almighty mentions that He is aware of everything in the chest, whether spoken aloud or in secret.

The Concept of Sudoor and Quloob in Surah Mulk?

This statement is a general address for all people, believers, kuffars, and unbelievers. For the believers, Allah Almighty reassures them that even if they keep their faith hidden, their pure hearts will be forgiven by Allah’s rahma, even in a hostile environment where the Shayateen, Taghuts, and Nafs create chaos. The use of the term ‘Sudoor‘ (Chest) in Surah Mulk creates confusion. In Ayah No. 5 of Surah Naas, Allah Almighty mentions the shayateen whispering into the chests of mankind.

Zalaal in Kabeer(Gross error)
Noor (Light upon light)
The Concept of Sudoor and Quloob in Surah Mulk?

While many translations interpret ‘Sudoor’ as heart, it is only Allah Almighty and his Prophet Muhammad who know best. It is possible that if Allah Almighty wanted to address the hearts of mankind, He would use the word ‘Quloob‘ instead of ‘Sudoor’. The Arabic language is so descriptive that every word’s usage carries significant meaning. Allah Almighty’s use of the word ‘sudoor’ is a form of victory for true believers. The shayateen can only enter the ‘Sudoor’ and not penetrate the ‘Quloob’ (hearts) of believers. The admission of shayateen into our hearts can only occur through our free will.

This reassures true believers whose taqwa remains intact. For the kuffar and unbelievers, Allah Almighty’s statement indicates that they have allowed negative energies to penetrate their hearts. However, they still have an opportunity in the duniya to learn from Surah Mulk, act on their ‘Nazeer’ (warner), and change their deplorable destiny, which is summed up in two words in Ayah No. 12 of Surah Tabarak: ‘Zalaal in Kabeer‘ (Gross error).

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Final Words

Our words of nature that lead towards negative forces’ whispers? Is our eeman strong enough to withstand negative forces in our ‘Sudoor’? Or have we become so weak that negative forces have entered our ‘Quloob’ and fed our pride and ego, turning us away form Allah Almighty? May Allah Almighty give us all the wisdom and the ability to remove all negative force from our hearts and even our cheast and fill both spaces with his noor (Light upon light). Aameen.

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